Getting the Best from Skip Hire in Wimbledon

Using Epsom Skip Hire to rid yourself of unwanted material and waste is a great idea which, of course, we actively encourage! Skips are also an easy way for Wimbledon customers to dispose of clutter following a rubbish clearance. Because we operate as an environmentally-conscious waste management company, you can rest assured that all materials collected from skips are recycled correctly in full compliance with current industry regulations.

Filling units to get the most out of a skip hire package can take some thought so we’ve provided a handful of useful tips which will help you obtain more value from our services.

There are several ways to fill skips but we find that if you put some lighter items in first, adding heavier items on top will compress the lighter ones down. This creates more space in our skips for further items. Dependant on the size of the heavier items, we’d choose this method when using skip hire services most of the time but, as always, common sense is essential and some Wimbledon clients may prefer to place heavier items at the bottom.

Breaking up larger items always helps when using skips in Wimbledon. Smaller pieces fit into skips easily and articles such as old cupboards and wardrobes, when broken down, help you to get the most out of any package from the trusted team at Epsom Skip Hire. Always remember not to overfill skips or we won’t be able to remove them on the day of collection.

Choosing Skips in the Correct Size

Getting the right-sized skips delivered to your Wimbledon address, units which are big enough to hold everything you want to dispose of, is crucial. If you choose too small a size, the chances are that you’ll have to pay for more skips in the future to remove leftover waste. If you choose too big a unit, you end up paying for unused space that you don’t really need. Epsom Skip Hire understands how frustrating this can be for our customers.

In truth, there is no sure-fire solution to gauge the sizes of skips so, once again, common sense should come into play. Try to estimate your load in full black bags and we can then make a suggestion based in estimated volume. Alternatively, call us instead and we’ll guide you towards the correct choice for skip hire in Wimbledon as long as you tell us what it is you’re throwing out and how much loose waste there actually is.

At Epsom Skip Hire, we want you to get the best value from our services. That’s why we offer a personalised response and work hard to ensure we always deliver the correct-sized skips to customers in Wimbledon and the surrounding South West London area. Our company is a leading name in the world of waste disposal, and we screen and process collected materials with a view to upholding our current recycling rates of 90% and more.

Contact us today to hire skips in Wimbledon. Call 01372 744190 and we’ll help you to choose a unit in the correct size.