Skip Hire in Tadworth | What Happens to Collected Waste?

Epsom Skip Hire covers the entire Tadworth area and provides a full waste management service that extends far beyond the delivery of skips for domestic, commercial and industrial projects. Removing waste is just one part of a wider range of solutions and, thanks to our screening and processing procedures, we substantially reduce landfill use. Our aim is to recycle as many of the materials derived from returned skips as possible.

At the present time, we recycle between 85% and 90% of skip hire waste by weight.

Below, we explain the three steps we follow once waste collected from Tadworth reaches our yard. We don’t want you to worry about materials left in skips unnecessarily, and we promise to retain the same ethical stance on skip hire that has served us so well since we first entered the regional waste management sector more than 30 years ago.

Sorting - We collect skips in Tadworth, or from any other location in Surrey where we made the initial delivery, and bring them back to our yard in Epsom. The first thing we do as a skip hire company is to sort through your waste and to separate it into different materials, such as wood, topsoil, aggregates, metal and plastic. We handle bulk waste separately.

Treatment - We subsequently treat waste from skips using a variety of processes which include screening, shredding and compacting. Epsom Skip Hire then reloads the waste of our Tadworth customers and clients into larger containers which we transport to suitable plants, where they undergo further inspection before reaching the secondary production system.

Processing - Processing usually takes place at our own yard or at any of the plants we transport to in Tadworth, Surrey or the wider surrounding areas. Waste from skips takes on many forms, and all have different recycling methods. Ultimately, Epsom Skip Hire provides reassurance for clients who have concerns about the environment and landfill waste.

A waste transfer station shreds wood or chipboard furniture derived from skip hire in Tadworth and sends it to manufacturers for making moulded wooden products or new furniture. This type of waste from skips also has energy and horticultural uses

Garden waste from collected skips in Tadworth, such as grass, tree and hedge cuttings, undergo mixing with biodegradable materials as part of an anaerobic digestion process. This creates compost for gardening and landscaping projects

After screening and separating, muck away materials of a superior quality become available for resale as recycled aggregates and topsoil. Skip hire companies in the Tadworth area play a major role in reducing demand for primary aggregates

Hardcore and rubble from skips, plus many types of stone, glass and concrete, undergo crushing to create sub-bases for building and construction projects. In fact, one of our sub-bases could already be underneath your driveway or garden patio

Epsom Skip Hire recycles all types of scrap metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous. Waste collected from Tadworth could find itself transported as far afield as Brazil, China or India, where scrap metal from skips is always in incredibly high demand

We transfer all other remaining materials derived from collected skips in Tadworth to landfill sites across the country but even then, specialists reclaim much of the product for the energy industry. Skip hire waste has a multitude of uses and, even after reaching landfill, there are still eco-friendly ways to use it without causing harm to the environment.

Do you need skip hire services in Tadworth? Hire a skip with confidence knowing we ethically recycle as much waste as possible. Call 01372 744190