Skip Hire in Surbiton | A Glossary of Terms

If you’ve been considering skip hire in Surbiton or anywhere else in the Surrey area, there’s a good chance you’ve already delayed your decision because certain things don’t make much sense. In theory, skips are very simple things. Waste management, as a concept, is much more complicated and some skip hire companies confuse the customer by including terms and phrases on their websites which the public won’t know or understand.

This is never the case with Epsom Skip Hire. When we supply skips in Surbiton and the surrounding areas, we make sure our customers know exactly what they’re getting and why they’re getting it. To help you make your own decisions on our skip hire services, we’ve provided a glossary which explains some of the expressions you’re likely to encounter.

Building Waste

This is a skip hire option for commercial and industrial clients in the Surbiton area with waste left over after a construction project. We deliver skips in Surbiton for companies looking to get rid of rubble, electrical wiring, insulating materials and any other type of non-hazardous waste derived from their work.

Crane-Tested Skips

Epsom Skip Hire meets the needs of larger commercial and industrial customers with heavy or bulkier waste loads by supplying crane-tested skips. These skips have four handles and can be easily dropped off or collected anywhere in Surbiton using an integrated crane on a vehicle from our sizeable and reliable fleet.

Cubic Yards

This measurement relates to the sizes of skips on a basis of height, width and depth. 4 to 6 cubic yard sizes are suitable for skip hire in Surbiton when the customer has small-scale waste levels. 12 cubic yard skips are more suitable for large-scale domestic clearances and for intermediate-sized volumes of building or industrial waste.

General Waste

A term more suited to domestic customers in Surbiton with household waste which can’t be recycled or included in a typical weekly collection. Epsom Skip Hire can collect general waste such as foodstuffs or non-recyclable plastics. We recommend hiring two skips if you have a combination of recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

Hazardous Waste

Unfortunately, we cannot collect any type of hazardous waste from skips in Surbiton because certain substances and materials pose a threat to people and the surrounding environment. Epsom Skip Hire recommends that you contact your local authority to find out how hazardous waste can be disposed of or collected.

Non-Hazardous Waste

This refers to any type of waste which doesn’t pose a threat to people or the environment, and will usually consist of anything with low or non-existent reactive, toxic or corrosive levels. In most cases, this type of waste will be recyclable but we do include collection of non-recyclable and non-hazardous waste in our skip hire services.

Inert Waste

Construction and groundwork companies using us for muck away work in the Surbiton area can have inert waste removed in skips or with a grab hire vehicle. Inert waste refers to material which won’t decompose but is not reactive. Epsom Skip Hire handles many different types of inert waste including concrete, sand and drywall materials.

Level Load

Level loading is an intrinsic requirement for skip hire in Surbiton and relates to how waste should be loaded. Anything above a level load could spill from our skips onto the street during transit, and this presents a danger to other road users and pedestrians. We may refuse to collect or transport skips which don’t have level loads on our arrival.

Mini, Midi and Maxi Skips

Skips come in different sizes for different project types, and choosing the right type can be a potential minefield for some of our customers in Surbiton. Skip hire can be tailored around the needs of each client, and the bullet list below gives you a clearer idea of the volumes of waste our mini, midi and maxi skips can collect:

  • Mini skips are suitable for light domestic waste of approximately 20 bin bags
  • Midi skips are suitable for large-scale domestic waste of approximately 60 bin bags
  • Maxi skips are suitable for building waste of approximately 120 bin bags

Skip Permit

Customers who need skip hire in Surbiton usually have units positioned on private land or a driveway, but not every property has sufficient space for a delivery. Skip permits are obtained from local authorities, for a set period of time, and allow skips to be positioned on the roadside as long as suitable safety measures are put into place.


This is another option for Surbiton customers who don’t have the space needed to position skips on a property. Epsom Skip Hire provides wait-and-load services where we drop the skip off at the roadside for a short period of time prior to removal while our driver waits. Wait-and-load and grab hire services require no permits or authorisation.

Do you want to know more about skip hire terminology? Do you need skips for projects in Surbiton? Call 01372 744190 for handy same-day or next-day services.