Skip Hire and Grab Hire in Leatherhead | 7 Client Benefits

Have you been considering skip hire or grab hire services for removing waste from your Leatherhead property? Are you left confused between the two and can’t decide on which service will best suit your needs? Do you want to make sure you receive full value from the services we have to offer? At Epsom Skip Hire, we meet your waste disposal needs as a reputable skip hire and grab hire company covering the whole of the Leatherhead area.

Here, we list some of the many benefits associated with our skip hire and grab hire services in the hope that it will help you to choose exactly the right package:

  • Grab hire vehicles are the perfect option for removing larger volumes of waste from your Leatherhead property. Instead of having to hire multiple skips, you can have your unwanted materials removed from site in a single visit under the guidance of a trained driver and operator. Our vehicles have a reach of approximately 6m.

  • Skip hire is a more suitable option for domestic waste disposal work or for commercial sites where waste is going to be loaded over several days or weeks. We provide skip hire services on a short-term or long-term basis. Commercial and industrial clients can also hire larger roll-on/roll-off containers if required.

  • If your own workforce has other things to be doing, grab hire makes for a more suitable waste removal option because the driver/operator loads waste onto the vehicle while your own team stays productive. Domestic customers in the Leatherhead area who don’t want to load skips can use our wait-and-load service.

  • Skip hire eliminates the need for lengthy trips to local tips and recycling centres in Surrey, particularly for our domestic customers who usually have better things to do with their time. All you need to do is load everything into the skip we supply and to call us when you want us to remove the unit from your Leatherhead property.

  • The hydraulic machinery on grab hire vehicles can reach behind fences, hoardings and barriers. This means you won’t have to relocate waste if you have already piled in a difficult-to-reach area. Just as importantly, you won’t have to dismantle anything to give our grab hire vehicles access to where the waste is currently gathered.

  • Skip hire and grab hire are both ethical ways for customers to clear their Leatherhead properties of waste and clutter. We screen and process waste at our yard in Epsom before taking material to transfer stations for recycling. This helps to reduce our own carbon footprint and the amount of waste reaching landfill sites.

  • Nothing validates the credentials of a company any better than experience. The Epsom Skip Hire team brings 30 years of local knowledge to the table and has a reputation that very few skip hire and grab hire companies can emulate. We are trusted waste disposal and rubbish clearance specialists with the personal touch.

Call 01372 744190 to arrange skip hire or grab hire services in Leatherhead. We help domestic customers and commercial clients with their waste disposal requirements.