Skip Hire and Grab Hire in Sutton – Your FAQ’s

At Epsom Skip Hire, we cover all locations throughout London and Surrey. Sutton is a key service area and we already have a large number of clients in this location who rely on our company for skip hire and grab hire services. If you own a residential property or business in Sutton and want to find out more about our waste management and recycling services after reading through these FAQ’s, please don’t hesitate to call us.

What’s the difference between skip hire and grab hire?

The main difference between skip hire and grab hire is the way your waste is loaded, although grab hire will often be more suitable for larger waste volumes too. With skip hire, customers in Sutton load waste onto a delivered skip themselves. With grab hire, waste is loaded onto a dedicated vehicle by our driver/operator.

What can a grab hire lorry do?

Grab hire vehicles are equipped with hydraulic arms and a ‘grabbing’ mechanism to pick up piled waste such as topsoil, hardcore and aggregates. The arm can reach into awkward spaces and this makes grab hire particularly suitable for customers in Sutton who have accumulated waste behind fencing, barriers or hoardings.

What skip size will I need?

This will depend on how much waste you need to remove and the timescale you wish to work to. Our skip hire services in Sutton begin with smaller units that can be used to load basic amounts of household waste. However, we also provide builder skips and high-volume roll-on/roll-off skips. These are particularly ideal for commercial clients.

Call us today with a rough calculation of how much waste you have (let us know in estimated bin-bag sizes if you prefer) and we’ll recommend a suitable skip hire solution before delivering the unit to your Sutton property at an agreed time.

What happens to my waste once you remove it?

We have advanced waste recycling facilities at our base in Epsom. All materials derived from our skip hire and grab hire services are processed responsibly. Customers in the Sutton area can expect as much as 90% of their collected waste to be recycled. This minimises the amount of material sent to landfill sites and preserves the local environment.

To discuss skip hire and grab hire services in Sutton with genuine industry professionals, contact the team at Epsom Skip Hire today.

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