Recycling Waste from Skips in Esher

Epsom Skip Hire prides itself on being a green and environmentally-conscious company. Every year, we aim to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill sites around the Esher area. As our knowledge increases on how to recycle even more through technology, our current objective is to recycle at least 90% of materials collected from skips supplied to customers in Esher and the surrounding London and Surrey areas.

Here, we list some of the materials that we collect through our skip hire services in Esher and how we go about recycling them:

Cardboard Recycling – Without the plastic coating, cardboard is pretty much 100% recyclable. In shredded form, cardboard can be used for insulating houses or to provide bedding for animals. It’s also a great resource for turning waste into energy. The benefits of creating fuel from unwanted cardboard is far-reaching as the only by-product is ash.

Cardboard collected from skips supplied to our Esher customers won’t release any toxins into the atmosphere. When placing cardboard into units supplied by Epsom Skip Hire, you have the reassurance of knowing only the safest and most ethical processes are used.

Wood Recycling – Wood put into our skips can be used in a variety of different places. Recycled wood is turned into chippings, which we are able to sell to landscapers, golf courses, animal owners, garden centres and retail outlets across Esher and Surrey.

Plasterboard Recycling – Once plasterboard is deposited into one of our skips, Epsom Skip Hire collects it from Esher and passes it onto companies that separate the core from the backing paper then crush the materials down. The result is usually recycled gypsum and shredded paper. The process means that very little plasterboard goes to landfill.

Gypsum is a common material used for growing wheat and potatoes on farms, and helps to create stunning lawns and golf course greens.

Aggregate Recycling – All of the aggregates that we collect from customers who use us for skip hire in Esher will be reprocessed and recycled. Waste such as bricks, mortar, soil and concrete are turned around and used for future construction and building projects.

Metal Recycling – Another mainstay of construction site waste is metal. Our skips can be full of metal, which is one of the easiest substances to recycle. The ease of recycling metal creates large savings in energy costs and massive reductions in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. At Epsom Skip Hire, we are proud of the high recycling rates we achieve from collected skips in Esher and the surrounding Surrey area.

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