Skips in Cobham for Domestic Projects

As a leading skip hire company serving the Cobham area, we believe in pointing out the need for safety when using one of our skips. Commercial companies have to follow strict Health and Safety guidelines so nearly all business clients are familiar with what can go into a skip, how to fill it and how not to overfill it.

Domestic customers using us for skip hire in Cobham may not be so familiar with the best and safest ways to load skips. Here, we list the correct way to use one of our skips at your Cobham property so that safety is always assured:

  1. Before skips arrive, consider where you would like them to be placed. Skips need to be positioned on a flat, stable surface in an area of your Cobham property that is free from obstructions. This will make it easier for you to load your rubbish into one of our skips without causing damage or injury to others.
  2. If one of our skips is going to be left on a public road in Cobham, you need to notify us as it may need a permit and lighting to make passing drivers are aware of its presence. Epsom Skip Hire can arrange these important elements for you.
  3. On the day of delivery, let our driver know exactly where you would like us to position the skip. Make sure that the area is clear so we can make the drop-off of skips at your Cobham home without any hitches. Once a delivery has been made by our skip hire company, don’t attempt to move the unit yourself.
  4. When loading skips, place bigger and heavier items in first with lighter items on top. Smaller items will naturally fill the spaces left and you’ll be able to get more in. As a skip hire company, we see many skips loaded incorrectly. Some customers have to use the same skip twice when it could have been correctly filled the first time.
  5. When loading one of our skips at your Cobham address, avoid strain on your back by lifting heavy materials correctly. For the heaviest items, always get someone to help you. The last thing Epsom Skip Hire would want is for you to injure yourself.
  6. Do not overfill our skips. Not only is it dangerous but our drivers won’t be able to collect as it’s against the law to move overfilled skips. Let us know how much rubbish you think you have and we’ll try and arrange the right-sized skip hire solution.
  7. Hazardous waste comes in many shapes and forms so the simple solution is this; if you think it’s hazardous yourself, leave it out of our skips. More common items Epsom Skip Hire won’t accept with collections from the Cobham area are refrigerators, freezers, tyres, asbestos sheets, oil and paint.

Epsom Skip Hire can work to a quick turnaround and, once your skips are full or you’ve finished loading, call us promptly and we arrange a suitable time and date to collect.

To book one of our skips for your Cobham premises, ring us now on 01372 744190.

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